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I have searched high and low, and it was only a few weeks ago I saw heaps of sites that had little samples for this, but for the life of me can't find them now!

I have a webgrid, and for certain columns, I need to insert hyperlinks into the rows, like:

<a href="someurl.cshtml?something=this&that=something" title="eh?">@rowValue</a>

Are there any Docs for this? All I can seem to find on MSDN is very basic stuff, and this doesn't seem to be in there.


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    format: @<a href="someurl.cshtml?something=this&that=something" title="eh?">@row.Value</a>

The format parameter will accept HTML, so long as you prefix it with the @ sign and it is self-closing, or wrapped in <text> tags. It's a Razor Template, which is described by Phil Haack here and Andrew Nurse here.

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Thank you lots @Mike, much appreciated. – bendr Jun 27 '11 at 3:01

Alternatively you can use the format with @Html.ActionLink, e.g.

grid.Column( header: "Name", canSort: true, columnName: "Customer.LastName", format: @<text>@Html.ActionLink(linkText: (string)@item.Customer.LastName + ", " + (string)@item.Customer.FirstName, actionName: "Details", routeValues: new { id = item.Id }) </text>)

In the code fragment "item" has property "Customer" that has properties LastName and FirstName

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Thanks, @Haroon! – bendr Jul 5 '11 at 17:02

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