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I have project called A, located in C:\ProjectA. It references a dll called B.dll, located in C:\Binaries.

Now B.dll has to dynamicly load a second DLL called C.DLL which is in the same folder (C:\Binaries). But how can B determine C's location?

I know about AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory and Assembly.GetExecutingAssembly().Location, but both will return 'C:\ProjectA\', because B.dll was loaded by A.exe.

I know the obvious solution would be to place all binaries in the same folder, and they will be when released, but while developing I cannot change the repositry's layout, and I want to avoid to hardcode the paths.

Edit: Sorry duplicate of C#: How do I get the path of the assembly the code is in?

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How about using Assembly.GetCallingAssembly from B? This will return The Assembly object of the method that invoked the currently executing method. (ie B)

public void BMethod()
     var assembly = Assembly.GetCallingAssembly();
     string path = assembly.Location;
      //now use this path to load C.dll in the same folder.


see also this similar stack overflow question

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Thanks! My question seems to be a duplicate when i look at that question :o –  Muis Jun 26 '11 at 23:08

From MSDN, you have to test it based on some type existing in C (or B):

Assembly assembly = Assembly.GetAssembly(yourVar.GetType());
//your location will be in assembly.Location
Console.WriteLine("Location=" + assembly.Location);
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