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I'm developing a Facebook application about two months, and i got about more 3 month to finish it, my worry is Facebook will not allow my app for some whatever reason (it's not evil app or something....) is there a way to show them the concept and get ok instead of waste months of developing ?

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You can try contacting them. It would be a lot easier if someone else (higher up) from your company does it, not a developer. There's some contact info here: http://www.computerhope.com/comp/facebook.htm

Hope that helps.

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That's the risk you take when developing and relying on a third party platform like Facebook. Facebook has been known to kill apps that have been working for a long time for a lot of users with no warning / notice to the developer. They have also implemented bots that analyze your apps activity and will automatically kill or reduce the functionality of your app if it thinks you are spamming users. Also, I am going to guess you will have little to no luck at contacting them. Your best bet will be to carefully review their terms of service, but ultimately ensure you are not spamming their network. If you post the gist of what you are going to be doing here or on Facebook developer's forum, you can probably get some advice based on other apps experience of getting pulled.

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