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Possible Duplicate:
What's the difference between $(this) and this in jQuery?

In jquery selector, the example code is:

  <select name="garden" multiple="multiple">

    <option selected="selected">Shrubs</option>
    <option selected="selected">Bushes</option>


    $("select").change(function () {
          var str = "";
          $("select option:selected").each(function () {
                str += $(this).text() + " "; // I interested it this line


In the example code, there is a portion of code:

str += $(this).text() + " ";

I am wondering, why here does not use str += this.text() + " ";? In another word, why not use this but use $(this) in that portion of code? what is the difference between this and $(this) in this circumstance?

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Duplicate of What's the difference between $(this) and this in jQuery? and/or jQuery $(this) vs this and/or a few others :-) – T.J. Crowder Jun 26 '11 at 13:21
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jQuery's each function sets this to the raw DOM element for each call to the iteration callback (docs). Calling $() on that raw element gives you a jQuery object wrapped around it, giving you access to the jQuery functions such as text.

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this is a standard javascript obect, $(this) is the jQuery-wrapped object, exposing all the jQuery goodness like functions and properties that regular JavaScript does not.

Sometimes the jQuery wrapper is not needed, and could be considered overkill.

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For the same reason you use $("select") and not select. It puts the object into proper jQuery context and returns the jQuery-wrapped object(s).

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$("this") is jquery and 'this' is javascript.

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