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I am new to using Symfony, and I finally settled on it after trying both CodeIgniter and CakePHP for nearly month each.

I have a sufficient know-how with web frameworks but absolutely no idea for Symfony framework.
Now I am in a bit of confusion here since Symfony 2.0 beta is here.

I just wanted to know should I start learning Symfony 2.0 beta or Symfony 1.4, considering the future expectations. Symfony has a tough learning curve and hence, I don't want to go through it again later.

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Check in the Symfony thread. This is a repeated question. –  Pabloks Jun 26 '11 at 16:43

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Why start to learn an "outdated" technology? Consider the following:

  • Symfony2 is not in beta anymore! This means the code is (should be) stable, and thus ready for production.

  • Symfony 1.4 (although it is great, I must say) has an end of maintenance date of November, 2012.

  • Performance wise, Symfony2 is much, much better than Symfony 1.4

  • Symfony2 uses Doctrine 2 as ORM (although others can be used) and the Twig template system, and both of them are (in my opinion) the best out there.

  • Symfony2 uses PHP version 5.3, which has great new functionalities. This should be the only point to watch carefully, since many production servers still don't support PHP 5.3, but I guess this should change over time.

Since you quote "future expectations", I wouldn't think it twice and jump into Symfony2.

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