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I have made a search but couldn't find a solution which works for me.

I just wonder how Facebook or Linkedin manages to handle same type activity with one sentence? I mean, if you store every activity with different IDs in an Activity Table, how can you list them as "Member_a and 15 more people changed their photos"

I'm trying to make a social activity wall for my web-site, it's not that big but I just wanted to know the logic on this situation.

For example, when first page loads, I make an Ajax call and listing 0-10 records and if user scrolls down, page makes another ajax call which lists 11-20 records.

Now; if I try to combine same type of activity after sql select query with using if else, if this 10 records are the same, the user will only see 1 item. I hope I could explain what I want to say :)

So, I need a solution which makes this query in SQL Statement.

I'm not asking from you to write a query for me, I just want to know the logic.

Here is a screenshot what I want to achieve:

enter image description here

enter image description here

You see, they are actually different stored data but they combined it and made it as a 1 item network update.

By the way, I'm using C# and SQL Server 2008.

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Please provide information about your table structure. and anyway, these information don't have to be fetched in 1 query. – Maziar Taheri Jun 26 '11 at 17:04
@Maziar Taheri - There is an Network_Feed table. feedID, feedType, memberID. Everytime a member changes his photo, a record is inserted in this table with memberID. if feedType is 1=photo upload so I want to list the members who changed their photos. The question is for example, 5 people changed their photo in the same order and I need to combine these same feedType records in one title. – Burak F. Kilicaslan Jun 26 '11 at 17:13
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for example:

SELECT Min(b.MemberName), COUNT(*) as Total FROM Network_Feed a
JOIN Member b on a.MemberID = b.MemberID
WHERE a.FeedType = 1

did I understand your question right?

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It's not easy to manage petabytes of data as a one table. So, big projects running on SQL Server are used some advanced scaling(distributing data and load) tricks like Service Brokers and Replication.

You can check as an SQL Server example.

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thanks (teşekkürler) @Yasar GOZUDELI but for now this is not a concern for us as we only have 30.000 members :) I just wanted to know the logic of this combining thing. – Burak F. Kilicaslan Jun 26 '11 at 17:22

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