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I connect to my rooted phone through adb shell command and I run the vmstat command so as to watch various system resources. Is there a way to redirect vmstat's output to a file. I tried:

vmstat > /sdcard/vmstat_output.txt

but it doesn't work.. It creates the file but there is no data inside..

Any ideas?

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I think the output from vmstat is block-buffered when redirected to a file. So vmstat would have to write a blocks worth of data before it is flushed to the file, and if you interrupt it before it has written enough then the file is empty. If you wait long enough you should have some output (worked for me).

You could have vmstat terminate itself (flushing the data) after writing a few lines with the "-n " flag, but that feature seems to be broken.

/proc/vmstat, /proc/stat, and /proc/meminfo have the same information I believe, just not formatted nicely like with vmstat.

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Thank you! This seems to make sense.. Is it possible to change the blocks of data needed to be filled before the flush? e.g. through a configuration file, or alternatively, through changing and cross compiling the vmstat's source code? Another way I can think is to force the stdout to be redirected to a file for all the running processes.. e.g. through log.redirect-stdio, link here. – Thanasis Petsas Jun 26 '11 at 16:51
Filed bug report link for broken vmstat -n flag. – Mark Polhamus Jun 26 '11 at 16:51
If you compile your own version of vmstat you could change the buffering for stdout using setbuf or setvbuf, or just call fflush after each write. – Mark Polhamus Jun 26 '11 at 17:01
Not sure about log.redirect-stdio, looks like that is for vm output only, not output from processes started from a shell. – Mark Polhamus Jun 26 '11 at 17:03
FWIW adb shell vmstat | tee logfile.txt works on Linux and is an okay workaround. – richq Jun 26 '11 at 17:17
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Ok, I fixed the problem. I download the source from here and I added one extra line:


right after the print_line command (line: 134). Then, I cross-compiled the vmstat.c with agcc:

agcc vmstat.c -o vmstat

and put the file to the /sdcard/ through the adb:

adb push vmstat /sdcard/

Now the redirection works perfectly, as after every print_line call, the data are flushed to the file. As Mark Polhamus mentioned, the problem was the fact that vmstat is a block-buffered command, which means that a buffer has to be filled with data first and then this data will be flushed to the file..

Thank you very much Mark! :)

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I usually redirect it directly to my local machine via

adb shell vmstat -r 0 -d 1 > ~/tmp/vmstat.log

with help of the -s switch on adb you can select the device and thus log several connected devices simultaneously to separate logs.

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