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My problem is to parse data from a website. The data is created in that website with a Javascript code:

<script type"text/javascript">

with this code the data is filled into a form in that website.

How can I parse this data?

WebBrowser webbrowser;

this does not work since the content is created by java and it is not visible in html source.

thanks for help.

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I found the answer. Let me share with you. I dont know if there is a better approach.

First, I tried to parse data inside table with:

String line = null;
HtmlELementCollection elems = webBrowser1.Document.GetElementByTagName("tbody");
foreach (HtmlElement row in elems)
line +=row.InnerHtml;

After that I decided to use Regex to parse the exact data from String line With MatchCollection I parsed the data I want.

I am not writing that part but if anybody needs more information I can help.

I hope it will be helpful. At least it worked for me :)

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You can run the jscript:

 var JSource = "my code jscript";
 var result = Microsoft.JScript.Eval.JScriptEvaluate(JSource, Microsoft.JScript.Vsa.VsaEngine.CreateEngine());
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