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I'm still confusing about RESTfull concept. I have a service it's like here

include '../includeall.php';

$i = 0;
$queryall = null;
if (isset($_GET['year'])) {
    $year = $_GET['year'];
    $queryall[$i++] = "f.year=" . $year;

if (isset($_GET['period_id'])) {
    $period_id = $_GET['period_id'];
    $queryall[$i++] = "f.period_id=" . $period_id;

if (isset($_GET['month_id'])) {
    $month_id = $_GET['month_id'];
    $queryall[$i++] = "f.month_id=" . $month_id;]

if (isset($_GET['var_in_cat_id'])) {
    $var_in_cat_id = $_GET['var_in_cat_id'];
    $queryall[$i++] = "f.var_in_cat_id=" . $var_in_cat_id;

if (isset($_GET['reg_id'])) {
    $reg_id = $_GET['reg_id'];
    if ($reg_id == "prop")
        $queryall[$i++] = "substring(reg_id,-2)='00' AND reg_id<>'0000'";
        $queryall[$i++] = "f.reg_id=" . $reg_id;

if (isset($_GET['id_prop'])) {
    $idprop = $_GET['id_prop'];
    $queryall[$i++] = "substring(reg_id,1,2)='$idprop' AND substring(reg_id,-2)<>'00'";

if (isset($_GET['data_source_id'])) {
    $data_source_id = $_GET['data_source_id'];
    $queryall[$i++] = "f.data_source_id=" . $data_source_id;

    $query.=" AND ".$queryi;

$query.=" ORDER BY reg_id,month_id";

$database = new Database();
$queryResult = $database->query($query);
$resultArray = Utils::convertToJSON($queryResult);

Is my implementation code above can be called as web service?? It's contains of JSON implementation in output as user request on some url. If it can be categorized as a web service what kind of service do I have?? Can it be call as a RESTfull web service.. Please help me..

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Sorry - Ignore that... –  calumbrodie Jun 26 '11 at 13:55
SQL injection for god's sake! –  Ondřej Mirtes Jun 26 '11 at 15:10
in PHP, you can append an element to an array using the [] operator, without that $i++ you are putting everywhere. Also, there is the foreach loop which always is handy to know. –  Carlos Campderrós Jun 28 '11 at 9:33

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Well, you could consider it a web service, but its interface there's no REST aspect in there. I'd call it ... a search function.

REST(Representational State Transfer) means that the HTTP method defines the action you're taking. For example, a DELETE HTTP request will actually cause a deletion, and a PUT will write a resource. As presented above, your application consists of a search function, and therefore does not apply.

In php, you can determine the HTTP method used in the request from $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'].

By the way, you should not initialize $queryall as null, but array(). You can also dispose of the $i and just write $queryall[] = ... instead of $queryall[$i++].

Also, you should not construct a database query by concatenating input strings, as this code makes your application vulnerable to SQL injections. Use prepared statements to avoid SQL injection vulnerabilities.

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many thanks.. I finally understand know. So if I want to implement my service to RESTfull concept. I have to design my service supporting for DELETE PUT or other http request. Thanks for the suggestion of my code. I'am a java coder actually.If you do not mind, Can you give me a modification way to get a RESTfull concept? –  mrhands Jun 28 '11 at 5:22
@user816180 For REST to be applicable, your application must manage some kind of data, and allow users to add, edit, and delete said data. Then, you'd probably have code like switch($_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD']){case 'PUT': write(); break; case: 'DELETE': delete(); break; ...}. By the way, as @Ondřej Mirtes pointed out, your code is also vulnerable to SQL injection. What happens when the user enters '; DROP DATABASE; -- in the year field? –  phihag Jun 28 '11 at 6:06
Oke thanks for the suggestion. I just newbie in php –  mrhands Jul 6 '11 at 11:56

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