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I was looking for a news feed that can provide general market news and also provides news for specific stocks like Yahoo! Finance News RSS Feed where you can send a ticker/symbyol (MSFT) and the rss feed provides news headlines for it,but unfortunately Yahoo! Finance News API only provides news title and description, and in order to view the complete article you'll have to be redirected to the source page, so I was looking for a feed that provides the content as well,can anyone help?

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Xignite or FeedSyndicate have API services.. not free I think

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Yes xignite is not a free one. But they are telling services are free for 7 days as trail basis. I tried today but i could not able to fetch the data using SOAP client its telling some "Registration Error" even though i have valid API Key. –  Madhan Ayyasamy Dec 19 '14 at 13:00

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