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I need to play midi file or midi tone in iPhone.

I have tested MidiMonitor. I think that I need to create a destination point on the iPhone to receive midi, but I don't know how do it.

Can you help me? Example source code would be useful.

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is your problem solved? – Rajneesh071 Aug 26 '13 at 11:58

Like @skinnyTOD noted, from iOS 5.0 on it is possible to use MediaPlayer. First link the AVFoundation, and AudioToolbox frameworks to your project, then use this code:

#import <AVFoundation/AVFoundation.h>

NSURL *midiUrl = [[NSBundle mainBundle] URLForResource:@"even voor mij" withExtension:@"mid"];
MusicPlayer player = NULL;
MusicSequence sequence = NULL;
MusicSequenceFileLoad(sequence, (__bridge CFURLRef)midiUrl, NULL, NULL);
MusicPlayerSetSequence(player, sequence);

This sets up the player with your midi file from bundle, and start playing. Note that you will need to call DisposeMusicSequence and DisposeMusicPlayer when cleaning up the player.

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Are there callbacks for when the file is finished? Example: if I want to use several midis as background music in my game, I'd like to know when file #1 is finished, so I can start file #2, etc. Thanks! – Olie Apr 11 '13 at 18:09
Interesting problem, I think it can be solved by using MusicSequence in a smart way. Anyhow, you might decide to ask it as a separate stackoverflow question. – Berik Apr 15 '13 at 8:56
thanks for your answer. I got a question though. Do you know a way to display the lyrics of the song like a karaoke? – Ushan87 Jul 12 '13 at 6:08

If you are still trying to sort this, iOS 5 includes the MusicPlayer API - it can load, play and create midi files. You'll need to also read up on the new AUSampler AudioUnit.

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