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I am trying to pass parameters to Django view but I couldn't decide what is the best way to do it.

I am making an AJAX call and my javascript code is

url = "/review/flag/code/"+ code +"/type/" + type + "/content/" + content + "/";
$.getJSON(url, somefunction);

The corresponding url for this call

(r'^rate/code/(?P<code>[-\w]+)/type/(?P<type>[-\w]+)/content/(?P<content>[-\w]+)/$', 'project.views.flag_review'),

And I can get the parameters in my view such that

def rate_review(request,code,type,content):

My question is because content comes from a textarea it may involve many escape chars and passing it like above causes problems due to regular expression.

Is there any way if I pass the parameters like www.xx.com/review/rate?code=1&type=2&content=sdfafdkaposdfkapskdf... ?


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If the content variable is input through a textarea input field in a form, you should probably be using the HTTP POST method for submitting the data. You would get something like:

 url = "/review/flag/code/"+ code +"/type/" + type;
 $.post(url, {'content': content}, somefunction, 'html');

 (r'^rate/code/(?P<code>[-\w]+)/type/(?P<type>[-\w]+)/$', 'project.views.flag_review'),

def rate_review(request,code,type):
    content = request.POST['content']
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It's good answer thanks but I am using method like $.getJSON(url,{ content:reason },somefunction); instead $.post . How can I achive passing parameter as post method in Jquery getJSON function ? –  brsbilgic Jun 28 '11 at 10:18
I found this : Since there is no $.postJSON, if you are doing a jQuery ajax post and expecting a JsonResult, you must always pass ‘json’ as the fourth parameter to $.post. –  brsbilgic Jun 28 '11 at 10:35

Sure, in your rate_review function you can access request.GET and access those paramters:


def rate_review(request):
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