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I'm looking for a package to do matrix math with matrices of up to about 100 x 100.

I need to, at a minimum, do inverses, multiplication and transposition. I'd prefer a more encapsulated interface over higher performance.

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Is there any thing in the usuall place that suits your needs. I didn't answer this because I think you've probably tried there. – Tim Matthews Mar 17 '09 at 3:36
I know there are a few linear algebra libs in there. What I don't know is how done they are. I'm sort of looking for "I've used X and it was good" answers. – BCS Mar 17 '09 at 4:16 has been mentioned on this thread before, here are a few details.

Here are the D language bindings for the GNU Scientific Library (GSL).

Here is a link to GSL.

Here is some links to the documentation on BLAS support, decompositions (1, 2), eigenssystems, in GSL.

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Can't D make direct calls into C code? Or are you looking for a library written in D?

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C can't overload operators, and linking D and C++ is "non-trivial". A simple wrapper around lampack or whatever would be good but I want to do multiplication with code like "Matrix x = y*z; – BCS Mar 16 '09 at 3:25

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