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I want to create a simple calculator form in Rails 3.1 just for understanding. Via a form I want to get a number and multiplied it by two (for example).

I've created controller with index page (/index), then form in views:

<%= form_for @result do |f|%>
<%= f.label :number, 'Number' %>:
<%= f.text_field :number %>
<%= submit_tag 'Submit' %>

What I need to do with controller?

  def index
    @result = ''
  def calculate
    @result = @number.to_i*2
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This is not gonna work. form_for is used to build forms for models that extend ActiveRecord. Use form_tag('/calculate') instead.

You need to define `match 'calculate' => 'your_controller_name#calculate' in config/routes.rb.

Additionally, you need a view for your calculate action - calculate.html.erb (you can call it differently but you'll have to specify render 'view_name'.

Alternatively, if you want to use the same view file, use render :action => :index

Forgot to mention. To access the data from the form, you use params[:key] hash. So in your case it would look like @result = params[:number] * 2

This book is a great place to start with Rails.

Also, these screencasts are pretty helpful too

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In case anyone else is going to look for rails calculator examples... I made one after some time myself now, putting little pieces together from everywhere. Result is a currency calculator app, that fetches fresh exchange rate data from the web and lets you convert euros to a currency you want.

Link to github for anyone who maybe is a total newcomer too and would like to know how to implement a calculator in rails: https://github.com/Veske/form Also a link to heroku: http://harjutus.herokuapp.com

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