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I have config gmail as a local SMTP mail client. I have use host as smtp.gmail.com, my gmail address as username and its password and 587 as port. But i didnt see any emails send from. I have also uncomment the following lines in php.ini

 [mail function] For Win32 only.
 http://php.net/smtp SMTP = localhost
 http://php.net/smtp-port smtp_port =

 ; For Win32 only.
 sendmail_from = myemail@gmail.com

What am i missing please? I am using windows7 x64. I have notice the php.ini says for windows 32 only? is there a another settings for windows x64?


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here you have got full tutorial explaining how to achieve this


there is also great class that I'd recommend for sending e-mails PHPMailer: tutorial here

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