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I have ActiveX ( COM ) control implented in C# that used in Internet Explorer. My control uses unmanaged resourses and I need know when tab(window) with control will be closed to release resources.
How my control can know that IE tab (window) with ActiveX( COM ) control was closed (without javascript call control methods when window closed)?

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possible duplicate What is the proper way for an activeX (COM) control to clean up when closed by its parent? stackoverflow.com/questions/3390571/… –  Sheng Jiang 蒋晟 Jun 26 '11 at 18:36

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If you are writing a UserControl override OnHandleDestroyed and place your resource releasing code there. Don't forget to call base.OnHandleDestroyed after your code in that method.

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thank you,it's so simple way! –  Alex Sebastiano Jun 30 '11 at 18:12

An ActiveX control is based on COM, which uses refcounting. Your control should dispose its resources when it's refcount goes to zero. This is not trivial to detect from a C# activex control, but according to this question's answer, it is doable.

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