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Is this correct:

a) Pointer p1 to a char:

char* p1;

b) A constant pointer p2 to a char:

char* const p2;

c) pointer p3 to a constant char:

const char* p3;

d) A constant pointer p4 to a constant char:

const char* const p4;

e) A reference r1 to a char:

char & r1;

f) A reference r2 to a constant char:

const char& r2;

Would you please notify me any mistakes?

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All correct. But for C) I prefer (and its a preference thing) char const* p3; If you read left to write now it matches the question. Similarly for D) char const* const p4; F) char const& r2; – Loki Astari Jun 26 '11 at 19:19

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They are all correct. I can't see any mistakes :-)

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No mistakes, everything is correct.)

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+1: @laika: Everything is correct except maybe that some of your declarations are illegal because they require an initializer. But I don't think that's relevant – Armen Tsirunyan Jun 26 '11 at 19:12

Everything looks correct. A rule of thumb to use in C/C++ is to read it right to left. For example: const char *p is a pointer( * ) to a character that is constant/constant character.

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