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could somebody help me with this problem for Matlab:

I have a number 8 as a limit and want that I just get numbers in range from 1 to 8, how can I do it? in MaxMsp this function is called "mod" so if I have mod8 than it will count until 8 and when 9 comes up it will output 1 again, 10 will be 2, 11 will be 3, 12 will be 4 etc.

this must be very simple but I just cannot find it in help.


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The easiest way to look in the help is by using the lookfor function, I guess typing lookfor mod (or lookfor modulo) in the command line should point you towards the mod function. –  Egon Jun 26 '11 at 19:38

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You probably want the mod() function:

y = mod(x-1,8)+1;
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Use M = mod(X,Y) for example M = mod(10,8)

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using the mod function will give you numbers from 0-7. So you need mod+1.

example: out=mod(x,8)+1

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