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Well i writing in .net and i have a list to witch i will only add item never remove and its a linked list i can change that if its not the best pick but any way to the point would it be safe to not use any locking in this case when i know that this list will never be changed in any other manner but that its added to? (a lock will be used when trying to add to the list)?

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No it is not safe. LinkedList is not a thread safe class. The only supported multi-thread scenario for LinkedList is multiple readers

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well thats what im trying to say sorry if i did write it a bit miss leading, many readers and only one writer... would that be safe, or atleast only one writer at the time. – Peter Mar 15 '09 at 21:54
@Petoj - reading would not be safe concurrently with a writer - even if the write is limited to a single thread. – Michael Burr Mar 15 '09 at 22:16

No; to support many readers and one writer (comments to Jared's reply), you might want to look at ReaderWriterLockSlim. The writer requires exclusive access; the readers can co-operate. This is what ReaderWriterLockSlim does. There is also ReaderWriterLock pre 3.5.

You will need to handle enter/exit etc manually - ideally via try/finally.

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