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I've created Outlook 2007 macro, which add additional item to mail context menu (Sub Application_ItemContextMenuDisplay). Now I would like to allow other users to use this macro. How can I simplify macro installation for them?

Now I have to ask them to run Macro editor and copy-paste the macro code.

Probably, I can convert that to some Outlook addin / msi?

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Probably, I can convert that to some Outlook addin / msi? That is exactly what I would do, and use an installer (like Inno Setup) to create a program to install the addin on each computer. – JimmyPena Jul 24 '12 at 15:28
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There's no way to deliver VBA code in a "correct" way to other users. Microsoft itself recommends your approach (copy-paste), because that is the only way to preserve what other users have possibly inserted in their outlook code file (VBAProject.otm).

I propose that you do some studying for yourself before asking beginner questions. There are plenty of resources available which can be found easily. I recommend you to start with OutlookCode , where a very good choice of articles will led you to understand how to go on.

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