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I'm trying to parse a file that includes the string representations of python objects. As in

outfile = open("out.txt", "w")
example_string_tuple = (u'bretagne tr\xe9minou 23archiefdingen', u'chicago, il')

# Instead of doing something like this:

# I just did this:

So now in my textfile I have lines that look like this

(u'bretagne tr\xe9minou 23archiefdingen', u'chicago, il')

Note that the unicode is not in utf-8, it's in python's native encoding.

How do I properly parse these lines like that back into the original tuples (without messing up the encoding)? (I'm using python 2.7)

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>>> ast.literal_eval("""(u'bretagne tr\xe9minou 23archiefdingen', u'chicago, il')""")
(u'bretagne tr\xe9minou 23archiefdingen', u'chicago, il')

But use JSON next time.

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Or pickle.... –  Chinmay Kanchi Jun 26 '11 at 22:32

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