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The Config.groovy setting grails.views.default.codec specifies the default codec used to encode data with ${...}.

This config setting can take any of the values none, html and base64.

I understand the reason to why one would set them to none (no filtering required) or html (to avoid XSS-attacks), but why would anyone like to set it to base64-encoding?

Please provide a specific use-case when it would be appropriate to set it to base64.

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There is most probably no real use case for this. It should just illustrate that you can use any codec (bundled or your own) as the default codec for views.

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Hi Siegfried! Thanks for your excellent Grails answers! Have you seen this bounty question (stackoverflow.com/questions/631490/…) - seems like a hard question to answer, but maybe you know how to fix it? –  knorv Mar 16 '09 at 14:29

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