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I'm running fedora 32 bit on one machine and have installed several eggs using easy_install.

I've installed the same eggs using easy_install on a 64-bit centos 5 machine. The site-packages directories are different - on my fedora machine, some of the eggs have been inflated so there are directories ending .egg-info as well as the main code directories. On Centos there are no .egg-info directories. Why is this?


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A package can specify itself using the zip_safe flag inside its file if it should be unarchived or not. In addition most installers like 'easy_install' provide options to control the unpacking explicitly (e.g. easy_install --zip-ok ...) it may depend on how the packages are installed under Fedora oder CentOS.

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Thanks. It's good to know why there are differences. – John Jun 28 '11 at 20:48

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