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I've encountered a strange bahaviour, when implementing a Facebook app using the iframe canvas method.

I've been following the tutorial at which works very fine so far.

The page to which I send the authentification is (as the tutorial says):

However, when I accept the app and allow it to access my personal data, I'm being redirected directly to the return page as topmost URL which then looks like this:

|  My Content                                      |
|  http://localhost:8080/test/facebook/return.jsf  |
|  ?code=...

However I do not wish my URL to be displayed in the topmost frame but inside the default facebook frame:

| Facebook header                           |
| My Content               | Facebook right |
|                          | column         |

The strange thing is: This only happens when the user needs to authorize the app for the first time - after that, when I call the content is being displayed correctly inside the iframe.

What am I doing wrong?

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Set your facebook app url as the redirect uri. Alternatively, do whatever you need to do in return.jsf and then forward the user to your facebook app url.

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If you used:

 <script> top.location.href='$url'</script> 

like I did, what you need to change is the top.location.href to self.location.href.

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