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Hi I am looking for an answer to the fading in and\or out, of the feature "Dim Lights". Here below is some coding;


<script type="text/javascript" src="js/embeddedcontent.js" defer="defer"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">
  var dimmed = 0;
  function toggleLights()
    var dimmer = document.getElementById("dimmer");
    if(dimmed == 0) dimmed = 1;
    else dimmed = 0;

    if(dimmed == 1)
        dimmer.style.opacity = 1.0;
        dimmer.style.visibility = "visible";

    if(dimmed == 0)
        dimmer.style.opacity = 0.0;
        dimmer.style.visibility = "hidden";
 <style type="text/css">
    z-index: 301;
    z-index: 300;


    <div id="dimmer" onclick="toggleLights()"></div>
    Click to<a href="javascript:toggleLights();"><b> Dim the Lights</b></a>

There is more to it but if you visit http://www.ittookamiracle.ca/'11daniel.htm as an example of how it works and any other detail of coding needed to answer my question.

Thank you for taking your time to look in to this.



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Please state clearly in your question what you're asking for. What doesn't work? –  Jakub Konecki Jun 26 '11 at 22:12
The code all works. I am wanting to add "fadein" when the you click on the "Dim the Lights" link. what code would I use? –  Jason Jun 26 '11 at 23:07
Oh also I talked with a friend that has a Mac Laptop and he says it doesnt work from him. How do I fix it so that Mac users can also use the "Dim the Lights" Option? –  Jason Jun 26 '11 at 23:13
You ought to try jQuery. It'll take care of your cross-browser and transition needs. –  Kevin Jun 26 '11 at 23:32
How does it work Kevin? –  Jason Jun 26 '11 at 23:34

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Here is a tutorial on how to make a dim the light button using flash and jquery.

This is the demo page demoing the script

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