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right now I have:

PollVote.destroy_all(:user_id => record.user_id, :poll_id => record.poll_id)

Is there a way I can get back the number, deleted? 0 or more?

deleted_count = PollVote.destroy_all(:user_id => record.user_id, :poll_id => record.poll_id)

deleted_count being either 0 or higher?


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Per the documentation, destroy_all returns a collection of the objects destroyed. Knowing this, all you need to do is get that collection's length:

destroyed = PollVote.destroy_all(:user_id => record.user_id, :poll_id => record.poll_id)

destroyed_count = destroyed.length # => The number of records destroyed
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If you use delete_all, it will skip all the destroy callbacks for the records that you're deleting (helpful for when you don't want these to run) and it will return the number of records that have been deleted.

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