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In my ASP.Net application, I can't get the events in Global.asax to fire on my machine. For instance, Session_Start will not fire.

The same Global.asax works fine on other development machines in my office.

I have tried:

  • Both the ASP.Net Development Server and my local IIS

  • Rebooting the machine

  • Removing and recreating the file from the project (including deleting it
    from disk)

  • All machines are configured the with the same level of software (VS2008
    SP1, .Net 3.5, XP)

This is driving me crazy, any help out there?

EDIT: Since the application works on other machines, I don't think it is directly related to the contents of Global.asax. For some reason, my machine does not process the files. I have done a repair of VS 2008 and .Net 2.0. Any other ideas?

EDIT: The application running on all three machines is being pulled directly from source control. It is definitely something specific to the one machine.



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is it the same asp.net project on all machines? – darasd Mar 16 '09 at 15:26

Application level events only need proper naming to work. Is your codebehind class being designated in your Global.asax file?

<%@ Application Inherits="YourNamespace.YourApplicationClass" Language="C#" %>
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This is a long shot but I have been bitten by this before. When you created your Global.asax.cs file did you make sure to include a basic Global.asax file in your project?

Also make sure that the inherits property in that Global.asax is pointing to your custom class (namespace and all) in your Global.asax.cs file.

I had this problem once and it was because I totally forgot to make the Global.asax file and hook it up to my class. I had just copied the Global.asax.cs from another project that did something similar.

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becuase project is compiled first and then you have add or modify or changed location of global.asax.vb.

Solution :- Just remove debug folder. Clean project and then rebuild whole project.

Regards, Mihir

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If you have fiddled with ASP.NET then maybe try reinstalling it.

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