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I am trying to get to grips with hibernate and have a problem trying to map a relationship between 3 entities:

For example I have the following classes:

Distributor (id, name) e.g.: TNT, UPS, Fed Ex and each distributor has a selection of ShippingMethod (id, name, description) e.g.: Super saver, overnight international, Next Day and each shipping method has a series of ShippingOption (id, name, default, active, cost, availability) and each of these are specific to a particular distributor.

To do that in a DB I would have a table for Distributor, a table for ShippingMethods and a table for ShippingOptions which would have a FK relationship to Distributor and ShippingMethods.

However, in my domain model I would like to have two classes - Distributor() which would contain a list of ShippingOption() classes. ShippingOption() is a class combined from both ShippingMethod() and ShippingOption() (I've left out getters etc for brevity below):

@Table(name = "shipping_option")
public class ShippingOption {

    @Column(name = "is_active", nullable = false)
    private boolean isActive = false;
    @Column(name = "is_default", nullable = false)
    private boolean isDefault = false;
    @Column(name = "cost", nullable = false)
    private BigDecimal cost = BigDecimal.ZERO;

    private ShippingMethod shippingMethod = new ShippingMethod();

    public ShippingOption() {


    public ShippingOption(boolean isDefault, BigDecimal cost, ShippingMethod shippingMethod) {

    public void setDefault(boolean isDefault) {

        this.isDefault = isDefault;

    public void setShippingMethod(ShippingMethod shippingMethod) {

        this.shippingMethod = shippingMethod;

Is it possible to model this in Hibernate and how? If you need more information please let me know. Not sure if this is relevent but I am using spring mvc 3 also.



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what are the relations between the Distributor,ShippingMethod and ShippingOption. ManyToOne or OneToOne? –  kalyan Jun 27 '11 at 3:33
Hi Kaylan for taking so long to respond. A distributor can have many shipping options. Each shipping option has one shipping method. –  Morrislgn Jun 29 '11 at 15:31
Then the below example would work, change the @ManytoOne to @OneToOne for shippingMethod –  kalyan Jun 29 '11 at 17:16
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Joining three tables is possible with hibernate. I have had similar problem where (In your example) ShippingOption had ManyToOne relation with Distributor and ShippingMethod.

Distributor (d_id, name)
ShippingMethod (sm_id, name, description)
ShippingOption (sp_id, d_id, sm_id, name, default, active, cost, availability, foreign key(d_id), foreign key(sm_id)) 

I guess this is how your table looks like. May be I will answer the problem I solved and you can figure out yours. My pojo looked like this,

@Table(name = "shipping_option")
public class ShippingOption {

  //..all other columns to retrive
  @JoinColumn(name = "d_id", referencedColumnName = "d_id")
  private ShippingMethod shippingMethod

  @JoinColumn(name = "sm_id", referencedColumnName = "sm_id")
  private Ditributor distributor; //Make sure you have Distributor and ShippingMethod Pojos defined

  public ShippingMethod getShippingMethod() {
      return this.shippingMethod;

  public void setShippingMethod(ShippingMethod sMethod) {
      this.shippingMethod = sMethod;

  // Getter setter for Distributor and other columns as well goes here.    

I have to get all the ShippingOption of a given Distributor name. The mysql query would be something link this

 select d.d_id, d.name, sm.name, so.name, so.default from Distributor as d, ShippingMethod as sm, ShippingOption as so where d.d_id = so.d_id and so.sm_id = so.sm_id and d.name = 'FedEx';

On the hibernate implementation,

   public List<ShippingOption> getAllShipingOptionByDistributor(final String distName) {

   return List<ShippingOption>  session.crateCriteria(ShippingOption.class)
  .createAlias("distributor", "distributor")     //distributor is the member of ShippingOption of type Distributor, see the above pojo definition.
  .add(Restrictions.eq("distributor.name", distName);
  .createAlias("shippingMethod", "sm")

Thats it, i would get a list of ShippingOption in which each would have its corresponding Distributor and ShippingMethod.

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