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Somebody asked me what PubSub was and how to create a channel(in comment from my answer) and I pointed him to the article on redis.io => http://redis.io/topics/pubsub. I think it is pretty clear, but I am wondering if somebody has a better explanation(blog post). You get bonus( :) ) when you describe it clearly using redis-cli. I also try to think about it and give an answer later if possible or just keep pointing users to that article(if they ask).

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I also like to watch good screencasts to learn stuff, so if somebody knows a good screencast I would also like to know. –  Alfred Jun 26 '11 at 23:27
Maybe you can find out what @user824212 had been watching before posting this question: stackoverflow.com/questions/9026209/… –  The Nail Feb 18 '12 at 22:54

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Publish/subscribe is a pretty simple paradigm. Think of it like you're running a talk show on a radio station. That's PUBLISH. You're hoping at least one or more people will pick up your channel to listen to your messages on the radio show (SUBSCRIBE) and maybe even do some stuff, but you're not talking to folks directly.

Let's have some fun with redis-cli!

redis> PUBLISH myradioshow "Good morning everyone!"
(integer) 0
redis> PUBLISH myradioshow "How ya'll doin tonight?"
(integer) 0
redis> PUBLISH myradioshow "Hello? Is anyone listening? I'm not wearing pants."
(integer) 0

Notice there are no clients receiving the messages on your "myradioshow" channel (that's the 0 in the response). Nobody is listening. Now, open another redis-cli (or for more fun times have a friend open up their redis-cli and connect to your server) and SUBSCRIBE to the channel:

redis> SUBSCRIBE myradioshow
Reading messages... (press Ctrl-C to quit)
1) "subscribe"
2) "myradioshow"
3) (integer) 1

Go back to your original redis-cli and continue your show:

redis> PUBLISH myradioshow "Next caller gets a free loaf of bread!"
(integer) 1

Notice that "1" at the end? You have a listener! Like magic, in your SUBSCRIBE-d terminal:

1) "message"
2) "myradioshow"
3) "Next caller gets a free loaf of bread!"

Of course, in reality, you're probably going to want to do stuff that's more useful than telling your clients about your pants-less lifestyle, such as firing events on your server or running some kind of tasks/jobs. Maybe not though! :)

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Why does the subscriber get "subscribe" and "myradioshow" as messages instead of "Good morning everyone!" etc.? –  bcoughlan Nov 10 '12 at 2:29
Those are just acknowledgement messages back from Redis in the form of a bulk response, telling you what it did and what it subscribed to, and the 1 indicates a success response. See here: redis.io/commands/subscribe. In my example, the SUBSCRIBE happens after the initial messages got published, so they don't receive "Good morning everyone!" etc because those messages are already gone. In other words, SUBSCRIBE only receives published messages that are published after the subscription (so in other words, it's not a queue). –  Aashay Desai Nov 13 '12 at 21:06

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