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In the image the red trail is a trail that pygame is creating when I have a bounding rectangle added around sprites. The sprite also does it and the simplest solution was to just clear the surface to black after each redraw. However attempting to do so on the entire main surface is not such a good idea. How can I fix this?

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Just have a black rectangle and blit that overtop of where your sprite was on the previous frame and that should get rid of it. Just remember to do this before you blit your sprite or your new sprite will be partly blacked out.

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Normally you will do:

def draw():
    # fill screen wwith solid color.
    #draw. and flip screen.

But, you can update just dirty portions of the screen. See: http://www.pygame.org/docs/ref/display.html#pygame.display.update

But with more complex code, you can use SpriteGroup's RenderUpdates : http://www.pygame.org/docs/ref/sprite.html#pygame.sprite.RenderUpdates , which is a Sprite.Group

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Take the name of your screen. (For my case it's screen.) And do...


Put that before the bliting and after the drawing. (It would make a black background.) Hope this helps!

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