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So I'm working with the Weka Machine Learning Library in Java...

I was trying to implement this:

at the bottom you can download which does text categorization and the which contains a whole bunch of htmls....

so I tried running TextCategorizationTest using the class1 directory in the text_example as argument....but then I encountered this error:

Exception in thread "main" weka.core.UnsupportedAttributeTypeException: weka.classifiers.trees.j48.C45PruneableClassifierTree: Cannot handle multi-valued nominal class!
    at weka.core.Capabilities.test(
    at weka.core.Capabilities.test(
    at weka.core.Capabilities.test(
    at weka.core.Capabilities.testWithFail(
    at weka.classifiers.trees.j48.C45PruneableClassifierTree.buildClassifier(
    at weka.classifiers.trees.J48.buildClassifier(
    at TextCategorizationTest.main(

which refers to this line:


does anybody what's wrong?

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A quick look reveals that the classifier that you are using does not supports multi-valued nominal class. Can you try by changing your class to binary ? Or use different classifier that supports multi-valued nominal class (like SMO or NN in weka)?

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