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I'm working on a project (or will be, if this is possible), and one of the key things I need to do is determine application usage. That is, what application are being used most often, and for the longest amount of time.

I have searched long and hard for a way to directly do this, and have come up with nothing. I know that things like Spare Parts achieve it by using private APIs, but obviously that doesn't help me. Can anyone recommend some effective way to gather the data I need, or another way in which to determine the things I need to figure out?

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Can you run powertop on Android machines? It's an awesome tool, but it may require infrastructure not supported in default kernel builds.

Less directly related to power, but still capable of giving you full-system information is oprofile. It too might require infrastructure not supported in default kernel builds, but it can show full-system profiling information.

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You will need to add instrumentation to your own application that keeps track of the time in each activity. There is no API for this in the platform.

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