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Normally keyboard-escape-quit is bound to EscEscEsc. Is it possible to rebind it to a single Esc? I never use Escape as a prefix key.

I'm running Emacs on Windows XP.

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Rehashing other's answer, I have

(global-set-key (kbd "<escape>")      'keyboard-escape-quit)

in my .emacs file, and it works on my emacs 22 on WinXP. I also hate typing 3 ESC in a row; and from years of (windows) habits my finger goes so naturally to the escape key for getting out of anything unpleasant.

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You can do it, but at the expense of killing the Esc prefix key map The code to do this is (global-set-key "" 'keyboard-escape-quit) where the funny char is is escape (use ^Q esc to type it in) it will map esc for you but the rest of the keymap is gone after that

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You can avoid typing the funny character by doing (global-set-key (kbd "ESC") 'keyboard-escape-quit), but it is not as simple as that: at least on my Emacs (22.3.1 on a Mac, Carbon version 1.6.0) ESC doesn't work as the quit key, but all meta keystrokes (even using Cmd) stop working. –  Jouni K. Seppänen Mar 16 '09 at 7:58
ya, that's the behavior on Win32 Emacs 22.0.99 –  jottos Mar 17 '09 at 3:57

Not to say this is right for you, but when I had this problem I taught myself to press Ctrl-g instead, which is also bound to keyboard-escape-quit by default. For me, this has the advantage of keeping my left hand pretty close to the home position, as well as leaving my Esc prefix intact.

Edit: After reading through the linked page, it's not bound to exactly the same function, and on Windows Ctrl-g can't forcibly interrupt a running command, but Ctrl-g covers 99% of what I would use Esc Esc Esc for --- aborting a command that I screwed up entering.

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I never use keyboard-escape-quit, I use C-g. Can't say I reach for C-[, which would be the other part of the functionality to mimic ESC ESC ESC. –  ashawley Mar 16 '09 at 15:48
I'll try to use C-g to not to leave the home position but Esc is already burned into my brain as "get me back to where I was" so I need it. Otherwise I press Esc -> nothing happens -> I feel unhappy. –  Pavel Chuchuva Mar 16 '09 at 21:44

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