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I am using a file_get_contents along with a new SimplexmlElement($xml) in which sometimes the XML I'm pulling has a Error sign like below. I would like to loop the request until the error message is no more and store the XML. I have the parse already setup. But don't know how to do the loop of file_get_contents with the SimplexmlElements. The error I get is < error > < h2 > ERROR < / error >

Is there a way to loop a get_file_contents until condition is met in XML then us the current XML of the one where there isn't an error?

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You could do a loop:

while( !is_object($xml) || $tryAgain){
    $xml = simplexml_load_file(rawurlencode(''));
        $tryAgain = true;
        $tryAgain = false;

See this answer regarding sleep: PHP: Does sleep time count for execution time limit?

(simplexml_load_file can also load URLs, see , so you don't need the file_get_contents)

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