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I've got problem to define items in my ItemsControls (or in my view or viewModel). May be I don't know something about mvvm, but here is the question. I have DataTemplate defined as

            <TextBlock Margin="2" Text="{Binding Name}" />
                    <Run Text="Delete group" />

I have a lot of Expanders, each of them have a Hyperlink. And I want the Hyperlink to delete the group - i.e. remove corresponding Expander. I have read about searching on DataTemplate with Visual and Logical - TreeHelper, but it is a bad way to solve my problem - it doesn't follow mvvm. I know that I need to write a Commmand for the Hyperlink, but how can I retrieve Expander, which I need to delete, and satisfy mvvm - that's the question.

Any advice, any suggestion...

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But, if you are can't create static ICommand property for some develop reasons, you should use RelativeSource to find ancestor, which have DataContext set to ViewModel, which have this command.

<Hyperlink Command="{Binding RelativeSource={RelativeSource Mode=FindAncestor, 
              <Run Text="Delete group"/>
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All what I need to do - is craete STATIC ICommand property, and use following code

<Hyperlink Command="{x:Static vm:FileGroupViewModel.DeleteGroup}" CommandParameter="{Binding}">
    <Run Text="Delete group"/>
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