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I am developing an android application which fetches data from a stateful web-server. Hence a httpsession is maintained.

Currently I have developed a singleton class in my android-app which is responsible for all the communication with the web-server.

My concern is that if there is no valid reference to this class (my httpclient) than the garbage collector may mark & sweep this class hence killing the session.

Is there any way I can keep this class alive? Do we have somthing similar to ServletContext or HttpSession in android where we can keep the reference of my httpclient?

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did you find the answer to your problem. I have the same question and i dont find anything about this. Thank you – Thiago Aug 23 '11 at 1:24

You can look around for solutions with "HttpClient" inside Android Services or AsyncTask...

A couple of links:

Not with HTTPCLIENT, but nice to get to know Services.

HttpClient as Background Service...

And this guys says "keep-alive" does not work on mobiles? Havent tried it, actually...

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