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Using Google Closure Library:

How can I handle clicking of an element for example a div but prevent firing the event handler when the user clicks the child elements of that element.

For example in the following code I want to fire the event handler when user click div1 but when he/she clicks 'span1' I want another event handler to be called without firing the handler of div1.

<div style="width: 400px" id="div1">
 <span id="span1">click me to reload</span>
 click here to Toggle accordion


JS Code:

/**** accordion ***/
var panels = goog.dom.getElementsByClass('newsColumnHeader', goog.dom.getElement('accordionContainer'));

var anims  = {};
var open   = null;

goog.array.forEach(panels, function(pane){
  var animation = new goog.ui.AnimatedZippy(pane, goog.dom.getNextElementSibling(pane));, goog.ui.Zippy.Events.TOGGLE, zippyToggle);
  anims[goog.getUid(animation)] = animation;

function zippyToggle(event) {      
  var uid = goog.getUid(;                  
  // simple logic - only one open panel in one time
  if (event.expanded && uid != open) {
    if (open) {
    open = uid;

var refreshVarzesh3 = goog.dom.getElement("btnRefreshVarzesh3");
if (refreshVarzesh3 != null) {,, function(event) {
    /*doing something but not toggling accordion pane*/


<div class="main">
  <div class="top">
    <div id="toolbar">          
      <img src="css/img/contact.png" alt="تماس، پیشنهاد، گزارش خطا" title="تماس، پیشنهاد، گزارش خطا"/>          
    <img src="css/img/football_news.gif" alt="آخرین اخبار فوتبال"/>
  <div class="middle">
    <div class="left"></div>
    <div class="right">
      <div class="accordion" id="accordionContainer">
        <div class="newsColumnHeader">
          <div class="buttons">
            <img id="btnRefreshVarzesh3" src="css/img/refresh.png" alt="به روز رسانی" title="به روز رسانی"/>                
        <div class="newsList" id="varzesh3NewsContainer"></div>
        <div class="newsColumnHeader"><%=lbls.getString("PersepolisNews")%></div>
        <div class="newsList" id="persepolisNewsContainer"></div>
        <div class="newsColumnHeader"><%=lbls.getString("EsteghlalNews")%></div>
        <div class="newsList" id="esteghlalNewsContainer"></div>
        <div class="newsColumnHeader"><%=lbls.getString("NavadNews")%></div>
        <div class="newsList" id="navadNewsContainer"></div>
  <div class="bottom"></div>

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for pure javascript developers the answer is here but if you use Google Closure Library the following code is enough:

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in the event handler of that click you have to use preventDefault()

for example:

document.getElementById('div1').onclick = function (event) {
   //your code
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I need the code using the Google Closure classes. – ehsun7b Jun 27 '11 at 6:52
I add the code if page in my update. – ehsun7b Jun 27 '11 at 6:54

You should read this link to understand more about event

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Just for Reference All events in Google Closure are derived from

For Example :

So first one is stopPropagation

 this.getHandler().listen(element ,, function (e){

Second one is is a static method which in turn calls above method = function(e) {

Edit : Please do read - Dangers of Event Propagation

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