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Say for example i have clickHandler a function, then i do


Is there any wayto check whether clickHandler is used as a click event handler for domEl using dojo?

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Yes. For example:

var clickHandler = function(evt) {
    var domEl = evt.target;
    // Now domEl is dom node where the click ocurred
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Sorry if i have drafted the question differently. But, actually i want to know whether dojo has some function like , dojo.isTheHanlerPassedAsArgumentAttachedToAnyDom(clickHandler) which may return some thing like {el:domElement, events:['click']}. If an handler is attahed to more than one event say click, mouseover for the same dom then, dojo.isTheHanlerPassedAsArgumentAttachedToAnyDom(multihandler) may return some thing like {el:domElement, events:['click', 'mouseover']}. –  rajkamal Jun 28 '11 at 5:57
You changed the question, right? You are asking something different now. I answered a similar (but not identical) question a while ago: stackoverflow.com/questions/6112481/… . It's time to sleep here, if your still in trouble tomorrow, leave a comment and I'll check back to you. –  faken Jun 28 '11 at 6:02
yes...stackoverflow.com/questions/6112481/… answered my question. –  rajkamal Jun 28 '11 at 8:56

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