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i am adding special enum to lucene for relevant the search. how i can sort the result who have a specific enum value.

suppose i add Poor moderate Best and i need to get best first in result then how i can do this in Lucene.net.

any way to do this in Lucene.net

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Lucene does have its own Sort. Look at the Namespace Lucene.Net.Search.Sort. Below is an example where I am sorting by DateOfMessage.

Lucene.Net.Search.TopDocsCollector collector = Lucene.Net.Search.TopScoreDocCollector.create(InternalMaxSearchResults, false); // default is relevance
var sortBy = new Lucene.Net.Search.Sort(new Lucene.Net.Search.SortField(SearchIndex.IndexFields.DateOfMessage.ToString(), Lucene.Net.Search.SortField.LONG, true));
collector = Lucene.Net.Search.TopFieldCollector.create(
    InternalMaxSearchResults,   /* max 500 results */

// search with the collector
searcher.Search(queryMain, collector);
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I assume you are parsing the lucene result into an object structure. If you do so you can use LINQ to order them: result = result.OderBy(x => x.YourEnumProperty);.

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I don't think this is correct. You will need to use built-in Lucene functionality for sorting or else you are effectively negating your search results. If you get scored results back then sort based on some value you are throwing the scores out. Lucene functionality will allow you to retain the scores while sorting results with the same score (which is the important part). –  Tim Hobbs May 15 at 0:11

You can use "SimpleFacetedSearch" to categorize the results as poor, moderate, best https://cwiki.apache.org/confluence/display/LUCENENET/Simple+Faceted+Search

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