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I have a wordpress site and I replaced the home page with static html page with links to the posts in my site. In one section of the site I am loading recent 10 posts. For this I am using a notepad file, where I am storing the recent 10 posts links( In order to minimize database queries )

Will there be any advantage in calling the data from the notepad file, instead of a database query.

Please suggest me some tips to enhance the performance of my site.

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What do you mean by notepad file? a simple text file? –  konsolenfreddy Jun 27 '11 at 6:54
yes... exactly... thru iframe I am showing the content –  Gnanadeep Jun 27 '11 at 7:14
Another HTTP request to load a separate page via. an iframe will be much slower (for the user) than one simple database query to get the latest posts. –  Tim Fountain Jun 27 '11 at 8:15

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Wordpress sites can quickly become pretty slow, especially if you're using a lot of plugins etc.. Fixing this by manually creating static pages seems a bit shortsighted to me, since you're basically throwing the main reason for using a CMS–like system out the window.

It sounds to me like caching should solve your problems just fine. Install and configure e.g. a plugin like WP Super Cache and you server will automatically create, update and serve static HTML for you.

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Use WPSupercache + Cloudflare , All your traffic will be routed through the CloudFlare system, and you'll enjoy all this features and more for free : - Cache all your static content automatically (FREE CDN). - They protect your web site. - Website preloader. - (JS - CSS - HTML) Files compression.

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