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I was following Josh Smith's article on setting focus from the ViewModel and using his library without trouble until I used the same for WPF datagrid items. A simplified version of the non working code is below.

PS: I am using Caliburn Micro for my project as well.

public class MainViewModel

    public class SubViewModel : IFocusMover, IDataErrorInfo
        public string RequiredField { get; set; }

            public event EventHandler<MoveFocusEventArgs> MoveFocus;
        public void InvokeMoveFocus(string propertyToBeFocussed)
            var handler = MoveFocus;
            if (handler != null)
                handler(this, new MoveFocusEventArgs(propertyToBeFocussed));

        public string Error { get; set; }
        public string this[string propertyName]
                return Error;

    public ObservableCollection<SubViewModel > SubItems { get; set; }

<UserControl x:Class="MainView" DataContext="{Binding Path=MainViewModelObject}">
    <DataGrid ItemSource="{Binding Path=SubItems}">
                        <TextBox Text="{focus:FocusBinding Path=RequiredField, ValidatesOnDataErrors=True}" />

When the RequireField validations are fired, the MoveFocus handler is retured null. This only happens for SubViewModel. If I had it inside MainViewModel, it works fine.

Any help, hints, workarounds appreciated :)


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It's generally suggested to avoid using nested classes, especially if they are public. Not that this will fix your problem... – Merlyn Morgan-Graham Jun 27 '11 at 7:12
True. I code it as a nested class since it doesn't have a directly corresponding view. It binds to a datagrid item. Well may be that's the problem itself. Is there a way I can code the datagrid item in a separate xmal? Thanks. – Ε Г И І И О Jun 28 '11 at 9:17
@L O S T C O D E R: You can make a user control for it, and use that for the data template. Would have to see that snippet of your XAML to tell you exactly how to structure it. – Merlyn Morgan-Graham Jun 28 '11 at 19:49
Thanks for the tip Merlyn. But can I make a user control to represent a full row of the data grid? I am bit confused how to wire it up in XAML. Can you provide me a sample code or a link which does it the way you suggest? Thanks a lot. – Ε Г И І И О Jul 27 '11 at 11:50

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