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I have an existing application developed built around ImagEn library. This lib is versatile but it lacks many features that I need for new version.

I have also looked at many commercial libs" ImageXpress, ImageGear, Lead Tools, etc. but all are just image processors only they do not have proper image editing features.

So I am looking for a good Image processing and Editing library that has features comparable to Photosho esp. Painting tools, Selection flexibility, Layers (with layer mask, layer grouping, etc.) support, Path Tool and Layer Style.


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Adobe sells bare-bones Photoshop for something around 800 euros, and that's a single user license. I wander how much they'd charge for a component that can be used to build similar functionality into other applications... What I'm trying to say, asking for something "close to Photoshop" is a tall order: Adobe makes money on Photoshop precisely because writing a clone is so difficult. –  Cosmin Prund Jun 27 '11 at 8:10
@Cosmin, so your point is I should never use any component in my applications when a full featured application and expensive product for that special functionality already exists. –  PA. Jun 27 '11 at 15:50
No @PA, what I'm saying is "dumb down your expectations". You're obviously not going to find a component that helps you re-create Photoshop functionality by assigning a few events and setting a few properties. When a full feature, successful application for some special functionality exist, be sure that functionality is very hard to come by, or else there'd be countless smaller applications eating the marketshare of The Big One. –  Cosmin Prund Jun 27 '11 at 16:08

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I think the scripting functionality in the GIMP does what you need, it is the closest combination of your two requirements: "free" and "like photoshop" available. And I see there even is a c# API wrapper available called gimp#.

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Thanks for the hint but gimp# is for building plugins/filters for GIMP. This is not what I want. –  Yogi Yang 007 Jun 29 '11 at 12:45

I recall Graphics 32 supporting layers

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I know but ImageEn out shine it when it comes to managing layers and layer masks. –  Yogi Yang 007 Jun 29 '11 at 12:41

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