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I am developing grails application which uses file searching.For that I wrote the following code. This code works and it is gives the results with case sensitive.But I want to search files without case sensitive.

def criteria = FileDomain.createCriteria()
 def results = criteria {
    and {
      like('user', User.findById(session?.user))
      or {
        like('filename', '%' + params.fileSearchKey + '%')
        like('referenceFilename', '%' + params.fileSearchKey + '%')

Can anyone provide help on this?

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I believe using

ilike('filename', "%${params.fileSearchKey}%")
ilike('referenceFilename', "%${params.fileSearchKey}%")

is the way you are meant to do case insensitive searches

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Since this is the first hit on my Google search, the 'proper' way to do this in Grails 2.x is by using the eq node:

eq("branch", "london", [ignoreCase: true])
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