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How can I copy a message to clipboard in html

When I click the google map I got a pop message of the coordinate ... How can I copy this pop message to the clipboard if I have the html source of the map page .. Thanks to every one

added :

this is the function that I want to copy its output

google.maps.event.addListener(gallPetersMap, 'click', function(event) { alert("Point.X.Y: " + event.latLng)

How can I use this func. for it:

function copy(text) { if (window.clipboardData) { window.clipboardData.setData("Text",text); } }

your_form_name ????

your_textarea_name ?????

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Use window.clipboardData.setData to set the required value before you show the alert alert("Point.X.Y: " + event.latLng).

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