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I want to write the two functions that is used for asp.net and asp. I want to write two version. This function is used url encode and decode. Now, I got a new problem. This is how to work server.urlencode. So, how to implement this url encode function. I have url decode function for asp. I try to get url encode function for asp. So that, I can write url encode and decode in asp.net. Please, help me.

This is url decode function.

Function URLDecode(sConvert)
    Dim aSplit
    Dim sOutput
    Dim I
    If IsNull(sConvert) Then
       URLDecode = ""
       Exit Function
    End If

    ' convert all pluses to spaces
    sOutput = REPLACE(sConvert, "+", " ")

    ' next convert %hexdigits to the character
    aSplit = Split(sOutput, "%")

    If IsArray(aSplit) Then
      sOutput = aSplit(0)
      For I = 0 to UBound(aSplit) - 1
        sOutput = sOutput & _
          Chr("&H" & Left(aSplit(i + 1), 2)) &_
          Right(aSplit(i + 1), Len(aSplit(i + 1)) - 2)
    End If

    URLDecode = sOutput
End Function

I got this.

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Are you using C# or VB.NET with your ASP.NET pages? –  Sean Ringel Jun 27 '11 at 8:23

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VBScript is a hog when it comes to string parsing so here is the same decode done in JScript:

<script language="JScript" runat="server">
// This function decodes the any string
// that's been encoded using URL encoding technique
function URLDecode(psEncodeString) 
  return unescape(psEncodeString); 


.NET has HttpServerUtility.UrlEncode and HttpServerUtility.UrlDecode functions built in.


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