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A few months ago there was a command to convert a doctrine 1 schema file to doctrine 2 entities, however, this command no longer exists.

I've just start using the Symfony2 RC1.

Is there a reason it was removed? I have a doctrine 1 schema file which is 600 lines of YML... having a conversion tool would be incredibly useful.

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it is difficult to do such a conversion. This is because you don't have the behaviours of Doctrine 1 in Version 2 (Timestampable, Versionable...)

But you can always create your Entities with the doctrine:mapping:import commandline task from your existing database.

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Ah, excellent. I will try this now. Thank you! :-) – Flukey Jul 7 '11 at 12:45

I believe that you need to manually copy the doctrine bin files since they don't come with Symfony2 by default.


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