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I am looking a help to move my container bg to move according to the 'scrollTop' for this, i wrote this function, but not work. any one help me. i decided to move my backgronud image with smooth way as well.

var moveSize = $(window).scrollTop();
    backgroundPosition: "0px "+ parseInt(-moveSize)+'px',
    easing: 'swing'
    }, 3000 );


any one help me? thanks in advance.

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If you're just trying to keep the background static on the page when the window scrolls, why not just use background-attachment: fixed in your CSS? –  Aleks G Jun 27 '11 at 9:22

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Try using negative vertical postiion eg

backgroundPosition: 0 -100px

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var x = $(this).scrollTop();
$(this).css('background-position','0% '+parseInt(-x/10)+'px');


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