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I have opened many tabs while working on project. ( new feature in XCode4 ).

But for switching from one tab to other tab, the only way I've found to do this is to use the mouse. Is there any way to switch between different tabs using keyboard shortcuts?

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Shortcuts are:

  • CMD + SHIFT + } - Select Next tab
  • CMD + SHIFT + { - Select Previous tab
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That should be command + shift + ..., I think. At least on my machine. –  Chris Ladd Feb 7 '12 at 21:54
ya it should be command + shift.. the command + } indents the line with a tab –  Anand Feb 8 '12 at 7:35

The default shortcuts are:

  • CMD + SHIFT + { - Select Next Tab
  • CMD + SHIFT + } - Select Previous Tab

But I prefer going to XCode -> Preferences -> Key bindings and changing them to:

  • CTRL + TAB - Select Next Tab
  • CTRL + SHIFT + TAB - Select Previous Tab

...so they work the same as in Chrome or Safari.

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CTRL + TAB is much better and not used by default. Pity that we can't bind last used tab. –  Pierre de LESPINAY Jun 25 '13 at 11:20
I think everybody should assume that people are generally used to browser ~ and use CTR + TAB / CTR + SHIFT + TAB to change tabs. –  Paul Brewczynski Aug 19 '13 at 14:27
2nd one is beneficial :) –  Vaibhav Saran Jan 16 at 8:01
In Chrome it's also ALT-CMD-Left, so I changed it to that –  Claudiu Jun 1 at 22:57

XCode Windows menu option shows it as cmd + } or cmd + { but I think it is a bug since cmd + {/} is used for increase indent or decrease indent. The correct sequence is cmd + shift + } or {.

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On my keyboard at least, { and } are shifted [ and ], so I think XCode is actually correct here, just not exactly clear. Personally I would have called it cmd+shift+[ and cmd+shift+] –  CupawnTae Jan 7 at 9:46
That's exactly the reason. If you try it out in the Preferences pane you see that if you do cmd+[ it will show that as the shortcut, while if you use cmd+shift+[ it will show cmd+{ as the shortcut. –  Johanneke Jun 16 at 12:21

If the shortcuts don't work (because of language, for example), you can define custom shortcut:

  • XCode -> Preferences -> Key bindings

  • Make sure that "all" is selected

  • Define shortcuts for "Select Previous Tab" and "Select Next Tab"

I used cmd+pageup and cmd+pagedown, didn't generate any conflicts.

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I perfer using BetterTouchTool to switch between tabs(include Chrome, Safari, Finder, Xcode, sublimeText![enter image description here][1] and so on).

BetterTouchTool is a free software.

Just set TipTap Left and TipTap Right to cmd+shift+{ and cmd+shift+}.

And than, you can use trackpads with tiptap to switch between taps.

Here is my configuration:

Hope you will like it.

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I love better touch tool. I think it's a great combo when used with XCode –  DavidNorman Dec 16 at 20:55

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