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Function being called multiple times

_TestFun() {
local arg1=${1}
local arg2=${2}
local arg3=${3}
local arg4=${4}
local timearg1=${5}
local timearg2=${6}

testDATE=$(date |awk {' print $4 '}|cut -b 1-2)
 if [[ $testDATE == ${timearg1} ]] || [[ $testDATE == {timearg2} ]]; then
# exit ### I dont want to exit the script just this function if testDATE is true

command1 ${arg4}" ${arg1}@${arg2} ${arg3}

_TestFun com1 com2 com3 com4 10 11
_TestFun com5 com6 com7 com8 20 21

I cant think what the answer might be.... :-|

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Use return statement:

From man bash:

 If  the  builtin command return is executed in a function, the function
       completes and execution resumes with the next command after  the  func-
       tion  call.
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many thanks for the quick reply.. – hdaz Jun 27 '11 at 10:18

You can use the return statement in _TestFun. And modify the script to have an exit after it has finished calling _TestFun

_TestFun com1 com2 com3 com4 10 11
_TestFun com5 com6 com7 com8 20 21
exit <status>;
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