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I am trying to write one script which climbs up from one system to another through TCL/Expect. It is working for me. I need a regular expression in which expect "$ " and expect "# " is combined , so that any system with any prompt in the path can be included.

# Using ssh from expect

log_user 0
spawn ssh test@
expect "sword: "
send "test\r"
expect "$ "
send "ssh beta\r"
expect "# "
send "uptime\r"
expect "# "

set igot $expect_out(buffer)
puts $igot
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Use this:

expect -re {[$#] }
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The keys to this are: add the -re flag so that we can match an RE, and put the RE in {braces} so that it doesn't get substituted. –  Donal Fellows Jun 27 '11 at 12:07

A more generic solution:

set prompt "(%|#|\\\$) $"
expect -re $prompt

This one matches %, # and $.
The second dollar sign ensures matching the pattern only at the end of input.

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